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If you’ve enjoyed watching my shennanigans all over northern Thailand then that’s good, because you’re invited to join me! Whatever kind of riding takes your fancy – from road riding the twisties to off-road to hard enduro – we’ve got you covered. I work with local company HiVolt Moto Tours, and we can organise everything from a solo tour to a group tour complete with support vehicle, spare bikes and all the trimmings. We also have deep links with the wonderful riding community here, so if what you really want to do is come over and ride with locals – well, just let us know when.So come and have a brilliant time while helping me support this vagrant motorcycling lifestyle of mine. Follow us at HiVolt on FacebookInstagram, or check out our website. You can also drop me a line directly on

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I’ll be writing longform accounts of the adventure here on my blog, sharing the stories and places, the highs and lows of the road.If my stories from the road are valuable to you – if they amuse or divert or inform you – perhaps consider sending a few pennies my way to keep me on the road and writing. You can subscribe on my Patreon here, or if you’d just like to shout me a tank of fuel, hit up my Paypal or Buy Me a Coffee. Cheers!

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Since 2022 I’ve been riding with Mosko Moto‘s brilliantly durable rackless luggage set up. I used to run racks with soft panniers, but when Mosko came on board I was thrilled to be able to ditch the extra weight and width that comes from racks. I currently use the Reckless 80 v.3 Revolver on my KTM 690 Enduro, with the 22L Stinger tailbag to keep my valuables safe and accessible.Metzeler helped me keep the rubber side down during the early years of the trip which is beyond awesome. When I’m riding mostly on-road I generally run – and absolutely love – the Metzeler Enduro 3 Saharas. They’re about an 80/20 road biased tyre, but so capable and predictable, and the grip on road and in the wet is just brilliant. They give me so much confidence, and so many miles. I cannot thank Metzeler enough for keeping me in tyres and above all – for believing in me!In Italy, Guglatech make absolutely world class fuel filters, and I completely credit their technology for the long and healthy life of my KTM 690 Enduro’s injector and fuel pump, in spite of the dodgy and particulate-ridden fuel I’ve been pouring into my fuel tanks across Asia. Guglatech’s filter matrix even filters out water. Absolute kudos, and absolute thanks.From the Netherlands, I have been absolutely spoilt by the good people of Axel’s Bike Shop in Heerhugowaard, who have teamed up with Jopa to keep me in boots and gloves after more than 2 years on the road. And Shaka Bones in Hawaii have been keeping me in rad hoodies and flipflops.My immense gratitude also goes to Zoom In With Eden, BJL Consultancy, Sam Richard of Queensland Motorcycle Doctors, Woo! Social Club, Keith Plunkett, PM Modification in Manado, and all the other people who’ve helped me out with immense generosity to get me on the road, and keep me on the road to everywhere.

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