My obsession leads to all roads

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Chasing hedonia

Around the world by dirt, dust and KTM

I have a KTM 690 Enduro, a love of bad ideas, and I’m on the road. In February 2017 I loaded up my motorbike, stepped away from my legal career and set out to ride overland through Asia and the Middle East, all the way to Paris. Somewhere along the way we fell into a global pandemic which has seen me stuck in one place – Thailand – while the dream grows even bigger. Instead of Paris, I am now going everywhere. Five years since I left Sydney, this solo motorcycle adventure has morphed into a whole life. I have discovered the addictive pull of dirt and enduro, and am out to explore the world as far as possible from the beaten track.

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my adventures, discoveries, joys and misadventures

I now have a home base near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand where I run enduro and road tours during the months of November through to February. The rest of the year? That’s for exploring the world.

Follow my adventures, discoveries, joys and misadventures on my blog here and my YouTube here.

Even better: come ride with me in Thailand. I’ll show you my favourite places in these extraordinary mountains here in nothern Thailand, and it’ll help me put fuel in the tank for all those other months of the year.

If you’re interested in my story – how I got to this place in my life, a motorcycling vagrant – you can head back through the Blog Index and read about it all from the beginning.