My second day back on the road – solo and in my natural habitat – plunging into the twisties. I left the main roads after Uttaradit and headed north-east to intersect with the winding mountain roads which drop steeply south through the national parks near the Laos border.

It was a long riding day – not that many kilometres but the corners keep your average speed down, not that I’m complaining. Good lord, no; those roads are heaven. No traffic, just you and the corners and in the middle of it all, a pretty waterfall cascading down beside the road. If I were a better tourist I would have stopped and taken photographs of the waterfall for you, but I’m a terrible tourist, I didn’t want to interupt the flow of that nice corner. I did take a look as I rolled on by, but you’ll have to go back and photograph it yourself: it’s on the road numbered 1268, can’t miss it.

I’m going to chuck a video in here to tell you the rest of the story, because, well, I gotta go talk with interesting and awesome people. Carpe diem and all of that. Please excuse me. I’ll be back tomorrow, at four or five a.m.

2 thoughts on “Latex Everywhere

  1. tad says:

    That rubba on the road sounds super sketchy! Cuidado, wandering moto lady! Rubba side down!

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