Indonesia is home to the largest population of Muslims of anywhere in the world. I’m a lone, single female atheist on a motorbike. So how has that been going for me?

Here are some reflections from a beautiful day on the road.


2 thoughts on “Solo Female, Muslim Nation

  1. Geoff says:

    Hi Grace,
    Grouse!I enjoyed your analysis, it resonated, and your appreciation of a womans perspective which I won’t find. My wife describes similar sentiments form our time in the Midlle East, social functions were split on gender and she alway had a far more interesting time with the women and girls. Combined with very familiar roads and scenery listening to you rather than reading was cool.
    Nice lines through some of the roads between villages too!
    While blogging!!

    1. Geoff, I’m so glad that it struck a chord with you and brought back some memories too! Being able to share a little of the experience of people whose lives are not quite like our own – well, when that resonates, when people get it, that feels like the greatest achievement. Thanks heaps!

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